Erica grew up in a small beach town in Los Angles county that often finds it's way as a backdrop to many movies, most recently: La La Land.  She spent almost every Saturday at the local fabric shop, which was walking distance from her home, mesmerized by the variety of patterns and colors, she learned to sew at a very young age. Her love for patterns and colors grew through her childhood and in addition to sewing, and painting.  

Erica has a Bachelors of Science in Computer graphics.  It was originally supposed to be a Bachelors of Art, but the computer graphic classes put her degree in the science category.  She also taught my Computer Graphics II class in college and studied typography under a professor in college that was a master in traditional calligraphy and typography.  She lives amongst creatures of the teenager variety:  A witty son, that likes to throw around humor anywhere he can, and her side kick daughter that sees everything through rose colored glasses..  She also has a guitar playing husband, that makes more noise than anyone else in the family!  Add to the mix around the house, are a few four legged critters of the feline kind to remind her family how awesome naps are.

Though she no longer lives in her hometown,  she still lives in Southern California.  She loves rain.  It rarely rains in Southern California.  She keeps a stash of art supplies, iPad pro, and a laptop in a handy brief case to grab and go when teenage activities take her away from her home studio.  She typography and fonts every chance she gets, having a library of typography books all dated prior to the early 1900s in her my drop box so she can study type styles on her Phone everywhere she goes.